Carlo Facchino

Carlo Facchino

Name – Carlo Facchino
Age – 41
Occupation – Event Organizer
Representing – USA
Living in – San Jose, CA

Bio: Carlo has competed in numerous types of endurance and ultra events from rowing, running, cycling and swimming. He was first introduced to rowing as a Freshman at the University of California Davis where he joined the rowing team. A four year (93-97) varsity rower, Carlo was named the Most Valuable Oarsmen during his senior year. Post college, he coached at UCDavis spending one year as the Assistant Varsity Coach and then a second year as Novice Coach. After a four year hiatus, Carlo returned to coaching at Santa Clara University where he coached for six years, four of which he served as the Head Women’s Varsity Coach. While the novice coach at UCDavis, Carlo was challenged by two of his rowers to race in a triathlon and from there he was hooked on endurance events. Carlo has since completed the Leadville 100 mile run, the Furnance Creek 508 mile bike race, the C.P.R. (Corvallis to Portland 115 mile Row), the Monterey Bay Crossing (23 nautical mile ocean row), Adventure Races, 11 Ironmen and countless number of triathlons. Carlo is the owner of the Mermaid Series, a women’s triathlon, running and cycling series in California.

Previous adventures:

Previous rowing experience:

Why the Great Pacific Race:

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