Junho Choi


Name – Junho Choi
Age – 33
Occupation- Marketing manager
Representing-Republic of Korea

Previous adventures
This race is my first adventure in my life. However, I had experience in sky diving and counter terrorism training during military service for 26 months and I made it successfully. I have exercised every day to keep myself in good shape.

Previous rowing experience
Training for the Great Pacific Race 2014 will be my first experience.

Why the Great Pacific Race
‘Stop imagining, do it right now’ is my motto. I was born on August 7 in 1980. Two Korean guys crossed Pacific ocean by yacht on the same day. It was not that well-known race but I was so excited when I heard about it. I have been dreaming of a big adventure in my life.

I’m the first Korean who challenges to cross Pacific ocean by rowing boat, not yacht. By rowing Pacific ocean, I hope to give confidence to teenagers. No one know that someone will challenge something after reading the article about our challenge of Pacific row in newspaper.

Best part of the race
The challenge is to meet my limits and the most fabulous part is where impossibility turns into possibility. The best part will be the hardest moment.