Team Uniting Nations win Great Pacific Race

On July 21st 2014 Team Uniting Nations were the first crew to finish the Great Pacific Race taking line honors and the Guinness World Record for the first four man team to row the Pacific.

Team Uniting Nations Row have been on land now for about 24 hours and are gradually adjusting to life back on land. We had a chance to catch up with a couple of the crew this morning after their first restful night.

IMG_7649 Ellen Hoke PhotographyJunho Choi, the first and only Korean to row ANY ocean said that laying in a comfortable bed was what he was most looking forward to last night. However, after becoming so used to sleeping in such an uncomfortable spot for such a long time on board Danielle, Choi actually found his comfortable hotel bed to be a little … uncomfortable! We are sure he will get use to beds again very quickly.

But even better for Choi was the walk he had along Waikiki Beach this morning.

“I walked on the Waikiki Beach and I looked out at the ocean and I couldn’t see the other side – there was no limit to the water in front of me. But I crossed that ocean. The experience I had, just completely felt like a dream. It was a great experience and one that I had never imagined, but I did it. For five months, I have been thinking about crossing the finish line, and reaching the finish has made me very happy.”

For Andre Kiers, the two best things for him were the shower at this hotel and the Hawaiian coffee.

“I stood there under the shower and made it hot, then made it cold, then made it hot again.”

Why not! As for the coffee, Uniting Nations Row did not take any caffeine on board, so that first cup of Kona coffee was especially delicious for Andre this morning.

Today their boat Danielle will go through final scrutineering and boat clean up. The team is anxious to welcome the next team into Waikiki, which could be as soon as tomorrow.