The Race

GPR new logo 600 wideTeam Uniting Nations are entered into the Great Pacific Race.  This unique event sees ocean rowing crews from around the world set out with one common purpose, to row the Pacific and arrive in Hawaii in the fastest possible time.  All boats are governed by the same rules to ensure a safe and level playing field.  The race rules mean that any crew accepting assistance whilst racing will be disqualified so as soon as the race starts we will be on our own, carrying everything we will need. However, the race organizers do provide support vessels to assist if it’s a matter of life and death.

Success in the Great Pacific Race will require a combination of skills, physical ability and mental toughness.  Combined with willpower and determination, we know we can achieve the unbelievable task of rowing the Pacific and being the fastest and first to do so.  Team Uniting Nations already has a strong heritage as an entrant in the Great Pacific Race as the team in 2014 became the first four to row the Pacific and were overall winners of the race and in their class.

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